Inspired by Spanish rock, indie, and pop artists such as Future Islands, Porter, M83, Tame Impala, Hello Seahorse, Depeche Mode, and The Cure. Witches, a new music project formed by Mexican-American collaborators Andres Aguirre and Ivan Gaona, bridges their appreciation and influence of music on both sides of the border. Gaona, who formerly found success in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico with his former band Cabrito Vudú and signing with Sony Music, has now found new experiences and new ways to express his creativity in Chicago
Available on Spotify and digital music stores now, The debut EP ‘1439’ from Witches takes the listener on dream pop inspired journey of love, fear, and self-awareness through the distinctive tenor vocals of Gaona surrounded by the moving indie electric guitar riffs of Aguirre and includes a sea of glittered synth textures and melodies with pop sensibility which dances hand in hand along dashes of dark pads and indie rock guitar tones stamping their own brand on the indie pop genre. This EP lays a strong foundation for what’s to come from this exciting new collaboration.


They say that creativity often finds you when you’re not looking. As the case for Witches, the dreamy indie pop project from Chicago, who sprouted after an impromptu jam session between its members. “We had so much fun with those first couple of jam sessions that it organically grew into something more serious than we expected.” Says Aguirre
From the start Andres, along with singer and keyboardist Ivan, found momentum with their collaboration. They both sought a new outlet to express their creativity. The result: the formation of WITCHES. “I think our biggest goal is to create a connection for people through our melodies. That is what we want people to take away when they hear our music” Ivan says.